india details!

we finally have some details!  woohoo!

first of all, the fundraiser last night went fabulously.  we held a benefit concert where we sold fajitas and all kinds of delicious homemade baked goods.  we ended up making a profit of about $450, which is pretty awesome, plus got the opportunity to hang out and have a great time.

today we had a team meeting with the son of the missionaries we’ll be working with and he was able to give us a whole lot of information, which i was really glad to get.  there have been a lot of changes, and from what i’ve heard this could all change when we land in india, but as of now, here is the plan:

-july 18 – fly to new delhi, arrive in the evening on july 19th india time
-july 20 – sleep, rest, attempt to recover from jet lag, possibly go to church, possibly shop for clothes/supplies
-july 21 – either drive or fly-then-drive to a town called nepal ganj, about 10 miles into nepal (this replaces the train ride/hiking trip we originallythought was happening.  the elders were concerned about safety issues involved with trains and mountains, so unless plane tickets are ridiculously expensive and we cannot afford anything but that, we will be driving to nepal)
-july 22-30 or 31 – working with the orphanage in nepal, then returning to new delhi
-august 1 and/or 2 – travel to agra, the home of the taj mahal (this may or may not actually happen)
-august 3 – church and church meeting in new delhi
-august 4 or 5 – fly back to texas

of course, we haven’t bought plane tickets yet, so the specific dates could change a lot, but at least there’s a general idea of what to expect.  i’mgetting more and more excited with every team meeting.

things to pray for:

  • plane tickets – prices keep going up and how much we can actually do in india and nepal depends greatly on how much we have to spend on flights, visas, etc.  pray that we will find cheap fares and be granted favor in the eyes of necessary government agents
  • support raising – while i am almost at 100% (praise the Lord!), the team as a whole is at 40% right now.  please pray that my fellow team members will be as blessed as i have been over the past few months.
  • elliot’s health – one of our team members has just been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease.  over the next few days the collegelife missions director will be talking to his parents and doctor to make sure it’s ok for him to go.  as of now, he is planning on being with us.  please pray that he will be healthy and able to travel.
  • protection from spiritual attacks – as we get closer to the trip, we all know that attacks will come.  pray that our hearts would be protected and our eyes would be set on God.  pray that we will not lose focus or become distracted from the purpose of this trip.
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