who am i today?

Substitute teaching is a very strange thing.

First, getting a job is like a competitive sport.  You have to refresh the webpage every 5 minutes (at the very least) to even find a job available.  Once that happens, you have to be the first to click on the job, speed read whatever description there may be, and in .0001 seconds decide if you are desperate enough for money to click “select job.”  At least four times, I have gotten to this point, only to have the system tell me the job is no longer available.  Twice last night it told me that another user was reviewing the job and to try back later, so I refreshed and clicked over and over until the system kicked me out.  By the time I logged back in, the job was gone. (One of these was a Texas History/US History job at the school 5 minutes from my apartment.  Not cool.)

Once you manage to get a job (which I have been able to do every day because I am that persistent…or just on the computer that much), then you get to assume another identity.  Monday I was a high school health teacher and coach.  Tuesday I was a reading teacher.  Today I was a varsity cheerleading coach and English teacher. 

After you discover your identity, you report for duty and discover that you are not a teacher at all, but rather a babysitter.  In my particular case, an unnecessary babysitter in 2 of the 3 jobs.  Monday I popped a video in the VCR and made sure no one died.  This was easy considering no one in either of my two classes seemed to know each other, much less want to interact.  Tuesday was fun because it was my old kids, but all I did was read my book because the student teacher took care of everything.  Today I sat in the dance room and read while the assistant coaches ran practice, and then sat in the English class reading while the co-teacher gave them a practice TAKS test.

(I’m glad my book is interesting.  I’m almost done, so it’ll be up on the book page soon I’m done, it’s up.)

Tomorrow, Friday, and for the next 12 weeks, I get to actually be a history teacher.  I’m quite looking forward to it.

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