the joys of a college town

Sometimes I forget exactly why I love Denton so much.  And then I see someone walking down the street in a robot costume, and it all comes flooding back.

I spent about an hour wandering around Barnes & Noble today.  I’ve been less inclined to buy books since getting a library card (which is good and partly the point of getting a card in the first place), but I had a gift card left over from graduation that I finally felt like spending.  I picked up a copy of Persuasion because I’m definitely going to want to revisit that sometime and also an edition of Dostoevsky’s The Idiot translated by the same people who translated the copy of The Brothers Karamazov that I read and loved.  Since I won’t have access to a library this summer, I wanted to be able to at least attempt to keep up my tradition of reading one work of Russian literature each summer.  The translators also have a new version of War and Peace, but that seemed a little too daunting for everything I’ll have going on this year (it’s a really pretty book, though).

When I left, I stood in the parking lot staring at the sky for a moment.  It looked like an upside down ocean hanging from the sky.  There was a blanket of clouds covering almost the entire sky, blown by the wind into wave-like billows.  It made me wish I was a painter so that I could recreate it.

All in all, it’s been a good day.

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  1. Mom & Dad

     /  February 14, 2009

    You may not be a painter, but you did recreate it. We just saw it – with your words!

  2. hi darling. I love russian literature. Maybe I should make it a goal to read more of it. I’m sure you have picked it up… but Anna Karenina is one of my alltime favorite books. The Pevar/Volokhonsky translation is beautiful. And I was even able to find a copy without the vomitous oprah seal of aproval on it.


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