It was inevitable.

It finally happened.  I have been sucked in.

I’m supposed to be planning for next week.  I’m supposed to be reading for Teach for America.  I’m supposed to be walking the dogs.  But there it was, on the bookshelf, calling to me.

For so long, I have avoided it.  I had heard it was good, but I didn’t particularly care.  I believed the people who told me it was good were right, but I didn’t think it would merit all the insanity it seemed to inspire (I still don’t, by the way).  After awhile, I refused to read it simply because everyone else was and I don’t particularly like to do things that everyone else is doing.  Especially when “everyone else” includes most of the 8th grade girls at Crownover.

But last night, after slogging through page after page about diversity and the achievement gap, with nothing interesting on any of the 900 cable channels (how is that possible?), I pulled the book off the shelf and got sucked in.  I read about seventy pages last night and then finished it this morning/afternoon.

It’s official.  I’m a (not rabid) Twilight fan.

(I still don’t understand the level of insanity, though.  Edward Cullen is no Fitzwilliam Darcy or Michael Hosea.)

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  1. Molly

     /  March 20, 2009

    oh no! don’t do it rachel! don’t let it take you! keep your feet on the ground and your neck away from the vampires!!!

    it’s kinda weird how popular it is here too. my host sister has a poster of edward on her wall. i’ve yet to see the movie or read the books, but i’m pretty sure i’ll end up watching it with her pretty soon. except here it’s cooler because it’s called “cerupsculo” (pornounced crep-OOS-coo-lo) which is just the spanish word for twilight; but it’s such a cool word!

  2. Chelsea Hurst

     /  March 20, 2009

    I got sucked in last week. I never got sucked into the Harry Potter chaos so I really thought I’d make it through this one too. But I didn’t. I read the first two books last week… going to see if I can get my hands on the second two tonight. And TOMORROW the DVD comes out so I’ll be watching that! I really love it. Not because I love Edward, but I just love the story. Welcome to the mania… the water’s fine.

  3. Melissa Willard

     /  March 23, 2009


    I miss you btw.


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