A day in the life…

Sorry that I’ve turned into one of those people that rarely updates and never actually says anything when they do.  It always annoyed me when my friends started blogs and then did that…

In an effort to make it up to you, I will give a semi-brief rundown of my day, which was actually rather uneventful, but pretty standard as far as weekdays go.

4:30 am – Turned my cell phone alarm off AGAIN and then hit snooze on the alarm clock across the room about 5 times.

5:15 am-ish – Actually got out of bed.  Whoops, guess that’s another day I’m not showering before school (is that too much information?).

5:45 am – Headed downstairs fully dressed for coffee and breakfast.  Checked email and facebook quickly.  Threw random bits of food into lunchbox.

6:15 am – Out the door.  It was getting light out, but I still needed to use my headlights.

6:30 am – Arrive at school.  First car in the parking lot for the 3rd day in a row!  Set up today’s powerpoint, attempted to clean up my desk a little bit, checked my box, and checked with one of the ESL teachers about some kids I’m not sure are supposed to be in my class.

7:20 am – Kids start wandering into my homeroom.  One of my kids was in the paper today because he came in 3rd in a golf game yesterday.

8:00 am – They finally let us out of homeroom, 20 minutes late again.

8:10 am – Tues/Thurs 1st block finally gets started.  It’s supposed to start at 7:40, but 3 weeks of extended homeroom and no bells means this class is now about 2 days behind my other 10th grade classes.  They also don’t speak.  I spent most of the class running around helping them use the vocabulary words in sentences.  Example conversation:
Ms. Altsman: “You’re sentence is in the past, so what do you need to do to the verb?”
Student: *blank stare*
Ms. Altsman: “If I say ‘I look,’ that’s present tense.  If I say ‘I looked,’ what’s that?”
Student: “…past tense?”
Ms. Altsman: “Right.  What did I do to the verb?”
Student: “…added ‘ed?'”
Ms. Altsman: “Right.  So what do you need to do to your verb?”
Student: “Ummm…add ‘ing?'”

9:20 am – Tues/Thurs 2nd block starts.  This is my honors class, so they’re about a day ahead of the rest of my classes.  My favorite thing about this class is that people actually volunteer to read out loud and answer questions.  Soooo much easier to get through the lesson when I don’t have to spend a full minute getting someone to answer a simple question.

10:45 am – Beginning of Tues/Thurs 3rd block = lunch and planning period!  Of course, it’s never long enough and I never manage to get as much done as I hoped.

12:45 pm – Last block of the day!  This class has quite a few…personalities, but I love them.  There’s one kid in here who reminds me of Jess from Gilmore Girls.  He drives me nuts, but he’s really smart and he cracks me up.

2:15 pm – School’s out!  Get involved in a couple of conversations with other teachers, and before I know it it’s 3:00 pm.  Got to get to work!

3:15 pm – After searching my computer and the internet, realize I can’t find a copy of the writing rubric I need to do my grading.  Pack everything up and head home.  Stop at a gas station for caffeine.

3:45 pm – Get home and change clothes.  Watch an rerun of Gilmore Girls to relax.  Get distracted making seating charts and grade sheets and eating dinner.

6:00 pm – Start grading writing diagnostics.

8:00 pm – Finish grading essays.  Well, the 15 essays from the kids who were there that day and are still in that block.  Soooo many more to go.

8:37 pm – Realize halfway through this blog entry that I haven’t made my Powerpoint for tomorrow and I’m still not entirely sure what we’re doing.  Should be fun!

So there’s my day today.  If I could shift everything 3 hours later, it would be lovely  :)

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  1. I have been reading your most recent blogs, and i can say they are very insightful, interesting, and allows me a glimpse into the “Teach for America” world. i hope to continue reading throughout your journey, best of luck.

    PS- I’m glad you made progress with the child mentioned after this post, good for you! This gives me hope that there are still people in this world that want to make a difference. where quitting it not an option.



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