Student of the Week (9) and Other Things

I’m blogging while watching an episode of House where the patient is a blogger…funny  :)  Of course, I’m not like the blogger on House.  No one in Singapore is reading this (as far as I know), I don’t update about my relationships (partly because I’m not in one), and I don’t tell people every single little thing I’m thinking (although maybe more people would read if I did).  I do tell you, my lovely readers, about some of the most important things in my life – my students.

A quick note: I like giving you guys the students’ real names because I think it is powerful to pray for people by name.  However, I have discovered that some people have found this blog from googling my full name.  I deleted all the old entries that had my full name, but they must still exist in some archive somewhere, because people are still finding me.  Because of that, from this point forward I will only refer to my students by their first initial.  This is for their safety and legal purposes.

Moving on…this week’s student is C.  I didn’t particularly want to pick him, because he drives me absolutely nuts, but I figured that might be a good reason.  C transferred to my school a couple of months from a great high school in Chicago.  This is unfortunate for him, because, frankly, my school is not a great high school.  This means he is waaaay ahead than my other students, even in my honors class.  He has been coping with this by generally being an intellectual snob, and a pretty rude one at that.  He second guess me ALL the time (which drives me crazy) and treats many of the other students with contempt.

Please pray that he would be able to adjust being at our school without losing his academic drive.  Pray also that I would have the patience to help him through the transition instead of getting frustrated and that I would find ways to challenge him without taking too much time away from my other students.

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