Student of the Week (13)

We’ve got two students this week – M and K.  M and K hate each other.  They have my class and one other class together and most of the time it’s ok, but sometimes it’s miserable.

M is a male student in special education and K is a female who seems to have some anger issues.  From the first day M joined my class, there has been tension.  Often, everything will be going along just fine, and then all of a sudden K is yelling across the room.  Last Thursday, both of them threatened to beat each other up the next time the other one said something.  Obviously, this kind of stuff does not create a very good learning environment.

I’ve talked with both of them individually about how they are responsible for their own actions, regardless of what other people do and about the necessity of controlling their tempers, but they both started making excuses and K actually started shouting at me, saying I always blame everything on her and if I wasn’t going to do something about “that boy” she was going to take care of it herself.  With only 3 weeks until the EOCT, we cannot afford things like this to be happening.

Please pray that God would give M and K a supernatural peace when they are in my classroom.  Pray that they would learn to control their tempers.  I’ve only had one fight in my room all year, and I would love to keep it that way.  Pray also that if things do escalate, the Lord will protect me and my other students and that we would be able to get back to learning very quickly.

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  1. Becca

     /  May 6, 2010

    Something I learned in one of my classes about teaching anger management to adolescents: Come from the angle that the student doesn’t want anyone else to control them. For example: “When you let M ‘make you mad,’ you’re letting him control you. Do you really want M to have control over you? Probably not. You can control yourself by not reacting how M wants you to react.”

    I did an anger management program with a group of jr high kids in the special ed behavior classroom last year, and that angle really seemed to have an impact on them – especially since these kids do not like anyone to have any power over them! Let me know if this works!


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