Ah, so that’s the problem…

This week has been a perfect example of (some of) what’s wrong with the education system.  This week was senior week, which meant that (almost) all of the seniors got to miss school ALL WEEK.  They went bowling, they went roller skating, they went to the park…they basically did anything and everything other than go to school.

Now, I’m all for recognizing and celebrating those students who have stuck it out to their senior year and are going to graduate.  That is definitely an accomplishment.  I do, however, have a problem with making a HUGE deal out of something that should be expected.  Why is it viewed as the greatest thing ever for our kids to finish high school?  Especially considering that most of them have done NOTHING all year and are going to pass anyway.  This should be normal; this should be expected.

Today was Class Day, which is basically a big senior awards show.  Up until I left school yesterday (at 6:00 pm), only juniors and seniors were going to class day.  The freshmen and sophomores have End of Course tests next week, plus their behavior all year has been atrocious, so they were going to be in class.

This morning, they announced that everyone would go to class day.  After class day was over, instead of going to 3rd block and at least having half a day of class, they sent us back to home room and then released us to lunch from home room.  This means that for all but one of my classes, I have lost 1 of the last 2 days we have before our EOCT, and at least half of that one class will most likely skip.

If these tests are as important as the administration says, shouldn’t we be focused on them?  If you’re going to put pressure on the teachers to get the kids through the test, shouldn’t you give us the time to actually teach, instead of taking our kids out of class every other day?

We also had “blitz” this week.  Don’t even get me started on blitz.

If we truly want to educate our students, we need to push them towards excellence, not celebrate mediocrity.  If we want our students to value learning, we need to make classes our highest priority, no matter what the cost.  Until that happens, our students will be the ones paying the price, whether they know it or not.

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