Student of the Week (14)

The big day is almost here – End of Course test day is this Wednesday, May 5, 2010.

I don’t think my students really have any concept of how important this test is, and at the same time I worry that I have over-exaggerated it’s importance in my mind.  At the end of the day though, this test counts for AYP, which means my school is judged by it, my principal is judged by it, and I am judged by it.  This is also the test that TFA uses to determine whether I have made significant, solid, or limited gains.  The people-pleaser in me wants to have done a good job, which in my twisted little head boils down not to how hard I have worked or how much I have loved, but how well these roughly 150 kids perform on this one 65-question test.

I am way more scared about Wednesday than my students are, but please pray for them all the same.  Whether they know it or not, this one test does affect their future.  Please pray that the ones who have drunk the kool-aid I’ve been serving will see the rewards of their hard work.  Pray that those who have been lazy will receive mercy or humbling, whatever best serves their future.  Pray that they would, at the very least, TRY to do well on the test and not just bubble in random answers.  Pray that they would remember something I have taught them this year.

And also pray that I will not lose my mind  :)

P.S. – A quick note on K, SotW #13.  After I posted about the situation between K and M, K decided that she was going to focus on school, keep her mouth shut, and do her best to stay out of trouble.  Many would say this is because we called her parents, or because M hasn’t been in class much, but I think we all know that there are no coincidences in this world of ours  :)

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