There go the newbies…

The 2010 Memphis corps left for Institute in Atlanta very very early this morning.  I didn’t go to see them off (I had enough 5:30 am mornings this year, thank you), but I already miss them.  We had a great week of hanging out, sharing experiences, telling stories, encouraging greatness, and calming fears (hopefully).  Plus, I finally got to go to the zoo!

It was so crazy for me to sit in on some of the sessions and things and think that I was in the same place only 1 year ago.  It was so inspiring to hear the new corps members hopes and visions for the coming years, and it was also a bit convicting.  I think we all know that I tend to err on the side of idealism, but I started to realize just how jaded I may have become this year.  Hearing them talk reminded me of the big goals and dreams I had for my kids, some of which fell by the wayside during the chaos of the year.  It’s really good to be reminded of just how high my expectations of my kids should be, no excuses.

There were a number of awesome things God did this week:

  • Last I heard, 98 out of 105 new corps members have been hired.  This is RIDICULOUS.  Last year at least half of our corps went to Institute without jobs and that was when there were only 52 of us.
  • All of my transition team has been hired, and most of them with jobs in their placement (or very close).
  • I’ve already met a number of believers who are interested in checking out Fellowship with me when they get back to Memphis.
  • Roommates + being a TTL = much less loneliness in my life.  I’m really excited about the opportunity to emerge from my hermit-like existence and make Memphis more of a home this year.

Tomorrow Jacqui is going to help me finish up moving (finally) and then I need to do laundry and pack, because if everything goes according to plan I will be on the road to Texas bright and early Tuesday morning!

Keep my babies in your prayers as they battle through the next 5 weeks of insanity.  Refer back to my blogs from a year ago if you need a reminder of what Teach for America Institute is like.  If you want to pray for people by name, my transition team CMs are Erica, Bernice, Brittany, Courtney, Miriam, Loide, and Will.  Just a few of the new friends I’ve made that you can also be praying for are Cullen, Tyler, Kaila, Emily, Rachel, and Anna.

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