Pay Day

Today I got paid to do something I was going to do for free anyway.  Sweet!

A company in Austin was doing some research and needed people who were willing to come to their office and watch a World Cup game.  In return, they would give those people a $40 Am-Ex gift card.  I was sold.

So today I drove over to The Media Panel, let the super hot valet guy park my car, was ushered into a room with a huuuuuuuuge TV, and sat myself down in a pretty comfy chair.  The other person who was supposed to be in my room was a no-show, so I was all by myself.  The hooked wires up to my fingers, put a little machine in front of me to track where my eyes were on the screen, and then pushed play.

I watched the Argentina-South Korea, which was one of the most exciting games of this world cup by far.  The first half was in 2D and the second half was in 3D (which was not as cool as it sounds, unfortunately).  If you haven’t seen the game, you should, cause it was great.  Plus Gonzalo Higuain is super attractive.

Isn’t he adorable?

Especially now that he no longer has this haircut.

There was also Sergio Aguero, who has a tattoo in Elvish on his forearm.

OK, I’m going to stop now.  I just really really love the World Cup.  And soccer in general.  And men who play soccer.  Stopping, I promise.

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