Put your money where your mouth is

Today I got a bunch of errands done and then met up with my friend James at Cuatros in Austin to watch the Spain-Honduras game.  Not the most exciting game of the tournament, but I really do love watching Spain play when they’re playing well.  All those fantastic passes…beautiful.

Cuatros seemed like a really cool place.  I didn’t go inside, but the patio was huge and really nice.  The queso was really good and James got the Kona Tacos, which looked like they would be delicious if I was not a complete weakling when it comes to spice.  There’s lots of stuff on the menu though, and it all looked reasonably priced.  Plus they get bonus points in my book because they are showing ALL of the World Cup games, even the ones that start at 6:30 am!

And now that I’m back at the World Cup, the Total Bad-Ass Award for this tournament goes to Gerard Pique of Spain.  Pique is the guy who got kicked in the head during the Spain-Switzerland game.  Well, today he got kicked in the mouth.  Hard.

His mouth was gushing blood.  I think he might have lost a tooth, but I couldn’t really tell.  But did he go sit on the sideline and whine?  Absolutely not.  He pretty much demanded to get back into the game as soon as possible, which is why he played a good chunk of time looking like this:

And this was after a Honduran player’s shot hit him where no man wants to get hit.  Everyone in Cuatros flinched and groaned when that replay was shown.

Now that’s dedication to the game.  Congrats, Pique!

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  1. My SIL knows Cuatro and was one of the original few people who started up that restaurant. (She moved to Houston now so she no longer works there.) GREAT location. And they have fried pickles… which makes them a winner in my book!


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