Why I Need a Plan

I learned pretty early on in life that I do not function well without structure.  I like margins and spontaneity as much as the next person, but I need some sort of routine to keep from going crazy or being completely unproductive.

So it would follow logically that I need some type of framework if I’m actually going to be able to blog consistently.  So here it is, a very very basic and flexible framework for what you can expect to see here at Why I… each day.

  • Monday – Student of the Week – I believe that this was very valuable for me and the few readers I’ve had.  It helps me process what’s going on in the classroom and helps me remember my students are people and it gives readers insight into what’s going on in my students lives and gives them tangible ways to pray for them.  It’s a win all the way around.
  • Wednesday – Life in Memphis – This post must be about something not related to school.  This is an attempt to force myself to have a life and think about things other than education.
  • Friday – Fitness Friday – For someone who hates New Years Resolutions and generally thinks they’re stupid and pointless, I’m making a couple big ones this year (although this one has more to do with the bonus I got before Christmas than the new year).  Basically, I’m using my bonus to pay for a personal trainer and will use Fridays to talk about how that’s going (or how much I suck at being consistent and having willpower…we’ll see).

Tuesdays and Thursdays will be random stuff – whatever happens to be on my mind.  Book reviews will also be incorporated into the regular blog rather than getting a separate page as they have in years past.

This will probably change A LOT, but for now that’s the plan.  See you tomorrow for 2011’s first Student of the Week!

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  1. Deb

     /  January 2, 2011

    I likes this plan! :)

  2. Jill

     /  January 3, 2011

    Yay for fitness Friday! We’ll go together so you’ll have no excuses. If you ever want any help staying motivated; just give me permission to be mean (-ish) and I’ll make sure our butts get to the gym! :)


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