Why I Agree With BYU

Brigham Young University has been in the news the past few days for kicking a student off the basketball team for violating the honor code.  I agree with most of what this guy has to say about the whole situation.

I was talking about the story with my journalism students this morning and a number of the boys said that it was ridiculous for Davies to be kicked off the team.  They don’t see anything wrong with basketball players, celebrities, etc. getting away with breaking the rules just because they have a skill our society has deemed valuable.

The thing is, Davies chose to go to BYU.  If he wanted to be at a school with lax policies and an honor code that is merely a token statement, he should have gone somewhere else.  Whatever his reasons for attending BYU, he had plenty of options, especially if he’s as good as everyone is saying he is.  To me, this just underlines the importance of making decisions you can actually live with.

Don’t want to have to be on time to work?  Find a job that allows you to set your own hours.  Don’t want to have worry about another person?  Don’t be in a relationship.  Don’t want to have a baby?  Don’t have sex.  Don’t want to abide by an honor code?  Don’t go to BYU.  We have so many options in America, so many paths we can take to have the kind of life we think we want, but I see so many people who refuse to accept the consequences of the decisions they make.

For years I chose to pay zero attention to what I was putting in my body.  I am now dealing with the consequences of that.  I chose to work in a low-income school (and I am still very happy with that decision) which also means I chose to work in a malfunctioning district and spend my own money on resources that should be provided.  But again, I knew what I was getting into, so it’s my own fault if I don’t like it.

Brandon Davies knew what kind of school BYU is.  He knew what was expected of him.  Kudos to BYU for having integrity and refusing to lower their standards for anyone.

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