A Letter

Dear readers,

It has been brought to my attention that my lack of posting has disrupted some people’s lives.  While I do not believe that anyone’s quality of life has truly suffered from not having access to the mundane details of my daily life (particularly since said people already know pretty much everything about my life), you have my sincerest apologies.

It has also been brought to my attention that there are a lot of things I could be writing updates about (although, again, certain people already know pretty much all about them) .  While this is true, it is unfortunately also part of the problem.  When there is so much going on, how can I possibly decide what to write about on any given day?  This is particularly true with the job situation since while most of it was going on I couldn’t post it on here.

So for those of you feeling out of the loop, here’s a rundown of the past few weeks:

  • I got a dog.  Her name is Lucy.  She’s adorable.
  • I went to game 6 of the Grizzlies-Thunder series.  I was hoping to go to a Grizzlies-Mavs game.  Alas…maybe next year.
  • Apparently Memphis is flooded.  Not the part I live in.
  • Obama is coming to Memphis to give a commencement speech.  I wish I could go.
  • My soccer boys won the district championship last week.  They are playing in the regional championships this week.  If they do well, they will go to state next week.  If they win state, I have promised to buy all of them dinner.
  • I got a iPhone.  This is bad.  Very very bad.  Find me on Words with Friends (Raltsman) and follow me on Twitter (@RAltsman).
  • I am changing schools next year.  Same type of kids, much better environment.  I’m excited, but also sad.  Especially when my current kids ask me things like “Why are you abandoning us?”  Jerks.
  • There are only 8 days of the school year left, plus 2 in-service days.  What the heck!?
Hopefully this has satisfied your needs for the time being.  I make no promises or guarantees about if and when any future posts may be added.  Again, my sincerest apologies for any inconvenience.
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  1. Where are you transferring to?

  2. rachelheather

     /  May 16, 2011

    I’m going to Collegiate School of Memphis.

  3. Nice! I thought maybe you were going to KIPP with Rob. Good luck, and I think that I’m going to do The Outsiders next year, so I may be hitting you up for help when the time comes!


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