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Alright, so I’ve been proven wrong and now owe you at least 5 posts in the near future  :)

A common request seemed to be for updates about students, so here’s a very quick rundown of how things are going with some of my Students of the Week.  They show a pretty clear picture of just how up and down teaching can be emotionally.  I get to see incremental changes; I can only hope and pray that there will be long-lasting positive effects on my babies.  I’m providing links to the original entries in case you want to look back and see what was going on with each student to begin with.

2.1 – CK – CK had a crazy year.  He was constantly getting suspended, his girlfriend had a baby, and he eventually withdrew.  I don’t know if he just dropped out or actually transferred to another school.  I hate to say this, but my class actually ran much more smoothly once he was gone.

2.2 – QC – QC had a good year, a fantastic basketball season, and is on track to graduate next year as far as I know.  He still stops by occasionally to say hello.

2.3 – LS – This one makes me sad.  LS started off rocky, and then had an amazing beginning to the second semester.  He actually made a B in my class 3rd quarter, which is a pretty huge accomplishment for him.  Unfortunately, he had something going on at home the past few weeks which led to him getting in a fight and getting suspended for the rest of the year.  Even though he should end up passing my class, he did not pass English IV and therefore will not graduate.  I’m not sure what he will do, but I would not be surprised if he ended up just dropping out. This one is close to my heart – look here, here, and here for more posts.

2.4 – AA – A few weeks after I posted about him, AA was switched out of my class.  I was bummed.  He seems to be doing well and has been moved up to the varsity soccer team.

2.5 – EJ – I’m not sure what’s going on with EJ.  She has missed a ton of school.  She’s one of those students who really grates on my nerves because whenever she is here, she’s pretty condescending towards anyone who is struggling in class.  Since I have deeper relationships with the ones who are struggling, she frustrates me quite a bit.  Still, I don’t know details, but I know her life is still pretty nuts.

2.6 – RM – I still love RM.  She’s one of those students that I would want to be friends with if I wasn’t her teacher.  She had some on-again, off-again drama with her boyfriend, but she’s got a good head on her shoulders and seems to still be making good decisions.  She’s one that I will miss the most.

2.7 – TS  and EC – TS’s life is still a hot mess and he still gives me way too much information about it.  Somehow the line between teacher and friend got blurred for him, which can get a little uncomfortable.  I can’t even keep straight all of his drama at this point.

EC did not drop out, thankfully, but I’m not sure if she is going to pass my class.  She’s missed a lot of days and hasn’t been keeping up with her assignments.  She never did take me up on the offer for extra help.

Well, that’s about half way, so I’m going to stop there for today.  I’ll finish up the rest of them tomorrow, so stay tuned.

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  1. Mom

     /  May 18, 2011

    Someday I pray that all these souls will know how blessed they were to have you as a teacher. Such a great heart. Love you sweetie. MOM xoxoxxo


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