Why I Like Summer

Man, I like summer.  I really, really, really like summer.  Here are a few observations about this summer so far.

1. It only took me three days to slip back into my night owl ways.  Wednesday night I stayed up until 2 am reading and then stayed in bed until after 10.  I missed you, wee morning hours.

2. I’m a little bit better at following through on good intentions this year.  I have a list of things I need to actually accomplish during the break, and I’ve actually started on it!  I haven’t gotten very far, but hey, at least I’ve started.

3. I miss my kids, but it’s OK because they are texting me and adding me on Facebook and we are playing Words with Friends.  Ummm, maybe I should not talk about that on the Internet.  Please don’t report me.

4. I much prefer walking to and from the gym when it is 40 degrees rather than 95 degrees.  I am not a fan of arriving to the gym sweaty.  It’s just gross.

5. I should really pay attention to the descriptions of classes I sign up for at the gym.  I signed up for SpinFlex today because it was at a good time and figured it was maybe a toned down version of spinning, like Zen Row is.  I was very very wrong.  It’s actually a half hour spin class followed by half an hour of push-ups, crunches, lunges, curls, pull-ups, dips, and other various things designed to torture me.  It was also really fun, and I will be taking the class on Mondays and Fridays throughout the summer.

6. Holy crap, I just described a workout class as fun.  Who am I!?!?

7. My trainer told me to spend time in the sun because Vitamin D activates the enzymes that burn fat (or something like that).  The other day she looked at my legs and accused me of not going in the sun.  Thanks, Dad, for passing on your non-tanning-leg genes.

8. My dog is adorable, but really needs to learn that we no longer wake up at 5am.  And that whatever time she’s trying to wake me up, whining is not the way to do it.  Neither is licking my face.

So yeah, summer is great.  I spend most of my time doing pretty much whatever the heck I want, sprinkled with time at the gym.  Why on earth does anyone have a “real” job?  You people are crazy.

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  1. Dad

     /  June 4, 2011

    You’re very welcome for the legs.

    I’m also proud of you for actually starting on your list and for going to the gym!


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