Why I Need Things to Do

So, sometimes I get bored.  Especially when I go from being surrounded by people who need things from me for 10 hours out of the day to spending most of the day by myself or with just my roommates.  Boredom is a pretty common occurrence for me during the summer.

In the past, I would fill my summer days with sleep, TV, and food.  Now that I’ve been going to the gym and attempting to eat more healthy food, that’s not really very fun anymore.  I wake up around 8am and go to the gym and when I get back I don’t exactly want to just sit on the couch.  On the other hand, it’s really stinking hot outside, which kind of limits the number of things there are to do.

Today to stave off boredom, I decided to go shopping.  Not the best decision considering I’ve been spending way too much money recently, but again, I was bored and malls are air conditioned.  I tried on a bunch of stuff, but there was only one top that I really liked that wasn’t ridiculously priced (I mean, really, I don’t care how cute it is, I will not spend $55 on a tank top with some decorations).  Unfortunately, shopping only killed about an hour.  I went and got some lunch, but when I finished I still didn’t feel like going home.

Which brings me to Rachel’s spontaneous decision of the week.  Instead of going home and watching Netflix or taking a nap or reading a book, I wandered into a hair salon.  I’d been contemplating doing something with my hair, but it hadn’t actually been that long since I got it cut last, and most people were telling me not to cut it.  But hey, I was bored.

So I wandered in to a new hair salon right around the corner from my house.  Since it was the middle of the afternoon on a Tuesday, they weren’t busy and they took me right back.  I had a couple pictures on my phone that I showed the stylist, but I didn’t actually have a clear idea what I wanted (I’m sure I drive stylists crazy…I never know what I want, I just tell them to cut it and do whatever they think will look good).  But hey, this time it worked.  I went in looking like this:

And came out looking like this:

Yeah, that’s a lot less hair.  It doesn’t look as drastic since you can’t see how long it was in the back in that top picture, but there was a LOT of hair on the ground when the stylist finished with me.

I might end up regretting it later, but right now I’m pretty dang happy with my boredom-avoidance.  Now if only I could figure out what I’m going to do tomorrow.  Maybe I’ll actually get some work done…

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  1. Aunt Chris

     /  June 8, 2011

    I love your haircut!!! It must have been a day for getting haircuts. I got mine cut yesterday too. Took 3 to 4 inches off but it doesn’t look half as nice as yours. What about finding a doggie park and taking Lucy there? Volunteering at a local library? Just some suggestions to keep the boredom at bay.

  2. Becca

     /  June 8, 2011

    Cute haircut! I didn’t see the pictures yet as I was reading, and I got really nervous that you had pulled a “me” and cut it all off! But you did good :)

    I like Aunt Chris’ idea about the Library – that sounds like something you might enjoy!


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