Why I Think I Might Have Multiple Personalities

As I mentioned earlier, I drove to Nacogdoches, TX last weekend for a wedding.  In case you didn’t know, Nacogdoches is in East Texas.  In the middle of nowhere.  Should I show you the map again?  I’ll zoom out even more this time so you can really get the idea…

Now let’s be clear: I am a city girl.  I was raised in the suburbs and it was great.  I like Starbucks and Target and movie theaters and multiple grocery stores to choose from.  I like that pretty much everything I could need or want is within 15 minutes.  I don’t even live in a very big city, and yet there are at least 5 frozen yogurt shops 10 minutes from my house by car.

And I like it that way.

But even with all of that, something odd happens to me whenever I’m in the country.  Especially when I’m driving by myself and the sky is huge and blue and there are fluffy white clouds.  Like this:

There’s just something about driving through the country that calls to me.  The trees and the horses and the hay bales and the swimming holes and the cute houses with their big front porches and white fences and the cows and the winding side roads and the fields and the creeks and the smell of rain blowing in.  All of these things seem to be luring me in, making me want to turn off the highway and take back roads (which I didn’t do) while listening to country music (which I did do for most of the drive.)

Whenever I’m driving through areas like that I start seeing visions of myself in cowboy boots, driving a pickup out into a field in the middle of the night to lay in the bed of the truck and look up at the stars.  It makes me want to ride horses and go mudding and two-step with a cowboy, even though I haven’t ridden a horse in years, I’ve never been mudding, and I don’t actually know any cowboys.

When I stop and think about it, I know I would hate living way out in the middle of nowhere. I like wireless internet and Chinese takeout too much for that.  And yet there is some part of me that apparently thinks it belongs out there in the East Texas piney woods or the hills of Middle Tennessee.  Must be why a cabin in the woods has always seemed like a better vacation to me than a trip to the beach.

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  1. pretty shots. i love a good road trip

  2. Mom

     /  August 3, 2011

    You ARE your mother’s daughter!! The same “siren” calls to me all the time! Though I picture myself in a cabin on a hill surrounded by woods and I’m wearing a flannel shirt! Yogurt shops? Who cares? Chinese takeout. Yea. I need that too. There’s a lot of Dad in you too!

  3. Dad

     /  August 3, 2011

    I guess the city, Chinese takeout, wireless internet, and yogurt shops come from me. You’re a great mix of both of us.

  4. Becca

     /  August 3, 2011

    Maybe it’s the appeal of a slower-paced lifestyle. Yes, there’s a ton of hard work on a ranch/out in the country, but there’s also a lot more time to relax and enjoy being with the people you love. I like your idea about laying in a truck bed in the middle of a field just looking at the stars!


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