30 Days of Truth – Day 1

I’m totally and shamelessly stealing this from Teacher Girl, among others.  It’s supposed to be a daily thing, but there’s no way I could handle that so I’m going to do it weekly.  Each Friday I will answer one of this page.  And now that I have prompts for three separate days of the week, hopefully I’ll go back to blogging every day.  Really, I have no excuses.  If I can’t come up with 2 measly little posts a week, then I don’t deserve to have a blog.

So here we go with Day 1, something I hate about myself…

Something I hate about myself?  This is not a very happy way to start this thing off!  Maybe I should have actually read the questions before I decided to do this…

I guess one thing I hate about myself is how much I procrastinate.  I joke about it and I have learned how to manage it pretty well, but it’s pretty ridiculous.  I pay my bills on time and I get stuff done for work, but it’s always a last minute thing.  The worst part is I have absolutely no reason to not get stuff done.

Take this summer for example.  First, I have a summer vacation!  I had two whole months with pretty much no commitments and a relatively short to-do list.  One of the biggest things I needed to take care of was switching all my car stuff over to Tennessee – insurance, license, registration, etc.  Instead of getting it all done as soon as school was out and before I went to Texas, I sat around in pajamas watching Netflix.  My insurance expired while I was in Texas and while I didn’t have any issues while uninsured (only by the grace of God) and have since gotten it taken care of, I still haven’t done the license and registration stuff.  And school starts next week.

The crazy thing is it’s usually only myself I’m inconveniencing with my procrastination.  In the two years I worked for MCS, I never signed up for direct deposit.  Two years!  I have a whole lot of work to get done in the next week and a half because I didn’t really do any work for school during vacation.  I drove with a broken window for almost an entire year because I just didn’t want to deal with fixing it (also it was crazy expensive, but still).

I pretty much always recognize exactly what I’m doing while I’m procrastinating, but it’s like it’s a compulsion.  There’s absolutely no reason to not answer that email right away, but I don’t have to, so I’ll just mark it as unread and leave it for later.

Why!?  Why do I do this to myself!?

Oh right, because I’m completely insane.  I forgot for a moment.

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  1. Girl–I”m a procrastinator too :) In fact, I work best under pressure!! Once I wrote a 30 page paper in college (for a COMM class) the NIGHT before it was due. It was *so good* my professor submitted it to a journal! LOL! Isn’t that nuts?????

    • rachelheather

       /  August 5, 2011

      Nice! I would plan my all-nighters in college. I knew that I averaged 1 hour a page for a research paper as long as I had already found my sources. I would get my sources weeks in advance, but then plan backwards from when the paper was due, with an hour or so buffer. If I had a 10 page paper due at 9:00am, I would start at 10pm the night before and sleep a little bit more the nights before that. Craziness!


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