Why Memphis Needs Another Coffee Shop

After hours of finagling and tweaking my schedule, adjusting all my appointments and responsibilities, and determining exactly how much free time I could allow myself on Saturday, I decided to go to a movie.*

*The internet really needs a sarcasm font.  I have practically no responsibilities at the moment and oodles of free time.  Don’t worry, though.  I’m making sure to schedule the things I do have to do in such a way that I leave the house at least once per day.  This forces me to actually get dressed every day, which is a monumental improvement over the past  two summer breaks, when it seemed like all I did was sit around in a state of shock, attempting to recover from the school year.  Anyway, back to my point.

I was planning to go see Snow White and the Huntsman.  It hasn’t gotten great reviews, but I had heard it was a really beautiful movie and I was curious.  Plus, I’m not really above seeing movies that haven’t gotten great reviews.  Also, I really want to see if Kristin Stewart can do anything other than look constipated and bite her lip (I’m kind of betting not).

With this plan in mind, I went to grab some lunch before the movie and took my Nook with me so that I could read while eating.  By the time I finished eating, I had gotten so into my book that I wasn’t in the mood to go to the movie any more; I just wanted to keep reading.  I didn’t want to keep sitting at the restaurant and I didn’t particularly wanted to go home.  What I needed was a coffee shop.

As I ran through my options though, I realized that my neck of the woods is seriously lacking in good curl-up-with-a-book coffee shops.

Now don’t get me wrong, Midtown has plenty of places to get coffee.  It’s just that none of them are really ideal for settling in with a latte and a good book and emerging a couple of hours later.

Republic is my go-to during the school year.  The coffee is pretty good, they have a bunch of tables, and there are outlets galore, which makes it a perfect spot for grading and planning and other types of school work.  I inevitably run into another teacher or friends from church whenever I go there.  The problem is they only have one couch, and it’s not very comfortable.  Not what I was looking for on Saturday.

Otherlands is conveniently located within walking distance of my house, but I don’t particularly like their coffee and again, it’s mostly tables, not couches.  Plus, it’s almost always busy, which means it can be pretty loud.  Again, not the atmosphere I was looking for.

We also have Starbucks, of course, but I really only go there when I want a special treat on my way to work super early in the morning.  They have some decent chairs, but I feel like a traitor to the local shops if I hang out there.  (I justify my other trips by arguing that the local shops don’t have a drive-thru/aren’t open when I leave for work/aren’t on my way to work.)

I ended up just heading home to read on my own couch, which was fine (and more cost-effective), but still, Memphis needs a coffee shop filled with overstuffed couches and big, comfy chairs and hidden nooks and crannies for me to hide in with a good book.

Is there a place like that?  Anyone in Memphis know of one that I somehow haven’t heard of?  Alternatively, anyone want to move to Memphis and open a place like that?  I would be a very loyal customer…

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  1. Marni

     /  June 20, 2012

    I feel like coffee shops like that are missing in general from non-college towns. I miss the coffee shops from my days in Aggieland! I hope someone out there opens one for you!!


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