Why I’m Excited…and Nervous

Well, my posts here may be a little sparse for a bit.

(Yes, I can hear all you asking, “More sparse than they already are?”)

I’ve been asked to contribute to a blog for Christian singles on a pretty regular basis.  I’m super excited and super nervous, all at the same time.

I’m excited because it makes this whole writing thing a little more real.  I never seriously considered being a writer, mostly because I have never in my life scored high on the “self-starter” portion of any personality test, and that’s kind of important if you want to be a successful writer.  I’ve always read that if you want to be a successful writer, you pretty much have to be the kind of person who feels like they can’t survive without writing, which isn’t really me.  As you all know, I can go WEEKS without writing anything and still carry on with my life.

But now, other people want me to write stuff!  And I’ve agreed to do it, which means there will be times where I have to sit down and force myself to write something, even if I don’t necessarily feel like it.  And who knows, maybe that whole process will turn me into the kind of person who can’t survive without writing.

So I’m excited, because in the back of my mind I have visions of blog fame and book tours and people thinking of me the way the think of the Pioneer Woman, but I’m also super nervous (and yes, I realize the likelihood of those things happening is about the same as my 5′ 7″ student playing in the NBA, but we both have our dreams).

What if I can’t manage to write anything?  What if my posts aren’t useful?  Honestly, if that happens, they’ll probably just ask me not to contribute anymore and everything will go right back to normal.

I’m mostly nervous about whether or not I really fit in with the philosophy behind the blog.  See, it’s super traditional.  Like, “I Kissed Dating Goodbye” traditional at times.  It kind of makes me wonder if they’ve read my other posts.  I want to contribute and add to the discussion, but I don’t want to misrepresent their blog or myself.  Again, though, I guess if they don’t like it, they’ll stop asking me to contribute and I can go back to my little corner of the interwebs.

In the meantime, I’m going to grab onto this opportunity and run with it.  I’ll make sure to let you know when anything of mine posts over there so you can go read it and leave comments about how great I am  :)

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