Why Craigslist is Great

I love Craigslist.  I found my red chair on Craigslist.  I got Lucy from Craigslist.  I found my house that I love on Craigslist, as well as some of the best roommates I’ve ever had.  And this week, I found a really fantastic bed.

As you may have noticed in my previous post about my bedroom, while I had a bed frame, I didn’t have a headboard or footboard, which made the room like rather unfinished.  I had a piece of scrap wood from IKEA leaning against the wall that I had never figured out how to mount and a lot of great ideas on Pinterest for how to make a headboard, but no actual headboard.

So when I was perusing Craigslist the other night and found one that was totally my taste, made with quality materials, and less than half the current selling price, I snapped it up.  It took a bit of coordinating and rescheduling, but on Tuesday afternoon, my wonderful friend Van drove me out to Collierville in his truck to pick it up.

By the time we got it back to my house, it was pretty late and I knew he wanted to get home to his gorgeous family, so I told him I could take it from there and put it together myself.  Of course, then I realized I had no idea what I was doing.  In true Scarlett O’Hara fashion, I decided to worry about it the next day.

So Wednesday morning, this is what I had:

A mostly naked bed

A headboard and footboard

Slats and side rails (and other random things leaning against the wall)

And a collection of screws

After realizing I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, I did what I usually do: I called my dad.  And I Googled.  After talking to him and getting Basset Furniture to email me a copy of the assembly instructions, I was ready to go.

Well, except for the fact that while talking to my dad I realized that I bought a queen-sized bed and I only actually have a full-size mattress and box spring.  Oops.  Too late now, though, and it ended up working out OK in the end.

The first step was getting my mattresses and metal bed frame out of the way.  Poor Lucy was scared out of her wits, and it didn’t help that her normal hiding place when she’s scared is under the bed.  She ended up retreating to her crate for most of the process.

Awww, poor thing…

Once everything was out of the way, I put the new bed together.  It was super easy and took me only 15 minutes!

Yeah, not at all.

I realized pretty quickly that this would be a whole lot easier if I had two sets of hands, but unfortunately I was on my own.  My roommates were both studying, my teacher friends are all out of town, and everyone else was at work.  I was determined to make it happen though.

The most difficult part was getting the side rails attached to the headboard initially.  I had to figure out a way to hold the side rail up so it was roughly parallel to the floor, while tightening the screws, while also making sure the headboard didn’t fall on me.  There was lots of grunting and sweating and a bit of cursing as well.  I ended up using a combination of shoe boxes, blankets, and my legs to keep the side rails propped up until I could at least get the screws tightened enough to keep things from toppling over or falling apart.

Once that was done, it was much easier to get the footboard attached.  Then came the long process of fully tightening all the screws with the teeny tiny wrench that would fit in the little notches.  Let me tell you, screws take forever when you can only turn them a quarter turn at a time.

Eventually, everything was put together:

Ta da!!!

Because the frame is a queen and my bed is only a full, instead of putting the slats on, I ended up just putting my metal frame inside the wood one and setting the box spring and mattress on top of that.  I didn’t want the mattress sliding around all over the place, plus I feel a lot more confident about my assembly abilities when there’s not actual weight on the thing I put together.  If you get too close when the bed is unmade, it looks a little weird (there’s a lot of space between the mattress and the frame), but with all the bedding on it, I think it looks pretty good.  What do you think?

Now that the bed is there, the room looks a lot more finished to me.  I ended up switching my desk and the chair + bookcase combo, so this is the view when you walk in my room:

(That picture’s not staying. There was an existing nail and I wanted to see if I liked it there, but I think it’s too small.)

And this is the view of my desk from my bed, with the added bonus of Instagram:

A friend is coming over tonight to help me decide what to hang on the walls and where everything should go, so I’ll hopefully have a (relatively) finished room to show you very soon!

So what do you think?  Was the switcheroo a good choice?  Does the bed look fabulous, or can you tell it’s the wrong size?  What have you found on Craigslist recently?  Leave comments and let me know!

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