Why I’m Grateful

Photo Credit: Eric Bégin (Creative Commons)

As part of #SheReadsTruth, I’ve started trying to keep track of things I’m grateful for on a regular basis.  As I’ve done this it has become clear to me that gratitude is something we practice, not just something we have.  The more I look for the blessings God has given me, the more thankful and full of praise I find myself.  Funny how that happens.

So here are just a few of the things I’m thankful for at the moment.

I am grateful for communion, for the body and blood of Christ, taken in remembrance of Him in community with other believers.

I am grateful for promptings from the Holy Spirit, promptings to pray for others or to speak in certain situations.  I am thankful to hear His voice, even when I’m not particularly thrilled with what I’m hearing.

I am grateful for movies that make me think, even though people think I’m weird for studying them so deeply.

I am grateful for blog posts that shine light into a dark world.

I am grateful for female cardinals on the fence outside my windows in the morning.

I am grateful for social situations that would normally cause anxiety but are so Spirit-filled that they actually bring me peace.

I am grateful for Mythbusters episodes that inspire friends to see if a blow gun dart can puncture a chicken breast (in case you were wondering, it can).

I am grateful for 8-year-old girls who confidently strike up conversations with adults, tell them that math is their favorite subject, and ask them about their talents and gifts.

I am grateful for snail mail letters full of sweet words and kind thoughts.

I am grateful for long lunches with friends who have moved away but have not left my heart.

I am grateful for puppy smell and Disney movies and the guacamole at Las Delicias and Sunday afternoon naps.

I am grateful for this life that I’ve been given, even when I think it’s not exactly the one I want.

What are you grateful for today?

UPDATE: I am also grateful for my friend who posted this video on Facebook this morning.  What a great way to start off a Monday.  Also, I wish things like this would happen in real life.

*Photo Credit: Eric Bégin (Creative Commons)

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  1. I stood in my kitchen this morning putting water in my water bottle and was overcome with this huge sense of thankfulness. Thankful for my kitchen and food and comfort….all of which I don’t deserve. Blows me away every time I realllllly sit and think about it. Loving the one about the 8 year old girl. Always makes me smile when I see kids do stuff like that. When I was a kid I was SO SHY and wouldn’t talk to anyone! HA!


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