Why Today Will Be Awesome

Photo Credit: Selena N. B. H. (Creative Commons)

Today will be awesome because I have decided that today will be awesome.  The power of positive thinking right?

I was supposed to spend an hour writing this morning, but because I’m a genius I forgot to reset my alarm to 4:15am from my Sunday wake-up time of 7:15am.  Thankfully, God is awesome, and woke me up with only my cell phone alarm, which is not something that usually happens.  I hit snooze more times than normal because I wasn’t having to walk across the room to do so, though, so I’m running a little late this morning.

Because of that, and because I have decided that today will be awesome, here are some things that are awesome:

1. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is awesome.  I mean, seriously, who saw this guy coming?  I saw Premium Rush on Saturday, which was pretty fantastic.  Then Saturday night I watched Brick, a high school film noir which has been in my Netflix queue for forever.  Yesterday I watched 10 Things I Hate About You, which is still one of my absolute favorite movies.  Watching Joseph Gordon-Levitt in that and realizing that he’s become this huge star is kind of mind-boggling.

2. Cooler weather is awesome.  Yesterday was pretty warm, but the evenings and mornings here have been super pleasant recently.  Normally August is pretty miserable, but fall has been in the air the past week or so, even if lots of humidity is still in the air too.

3. Short stories are awesome.  I get to read “The Most Dangerous Game” with my 9th graders this week and “The Monkey’s Paw” with my 8th graders.  Hooray for crazy generals who hunt people and wishes with horrible consequences!

4. My coworkers are awesome.  Seriously, I work with some of the best people ever.  This can actually be a problem sometimes, because I get caught in conversations after school instead of getting work done.  Oops.  Totally worth it, though.

5. Coffee is awesome.  Numerous times I’ve thought that I should stop drinking coffee for awhile, since I’m completely addicted to caffeine.  I thought about trying not to drink any this summer, but it’s just so dang delicious.  I should be drinking water in the mornings instead of so much coffee, but whatever.

Well, my phone has informed me that is time to get dressed and ready for work, so I have to stop listing awesome things now.  If you need more convincing to make your Monday awesome (it’s hard…Mondays are so not awesome), check out 1000 Awesome Things.

*Photo Credit: Selena N. B. H. (Creative Commons)

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  1. SO jealous of your JGL weekend!! I didn’t get a chance to see Premium Rush so I am looking forward to it. We watched 10 things the other day….love that movie so much. He was so little! HA! I love your positivity! THAT is awesome!


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